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Build Your Youth Ministry the Inflatable Way

As youth group directors know, it can be a tough job to teach, inspire, guide, mentor and reward the good behavior in today’s youth. Whether you’re a youth pastor or a youth organization director, it can be challenging to successfully attract and keep the targeted youth in your area or even reward existing members. To get and to keep their attention, you’ll need a high level of interest, interactive entertainment and the ability to associate something FUN with your church or organization.

Whether it’s a small youth event or a huge community festival-fundraiser, you want to offer fun activities that keep the youth wanting more! Inflatable games and other interactive items offer that cutting edge interactive entertainment experience. Games like the Big Glove boxing, Sumo Wrestling suits, Gladiator Jousting, Bungee Runs, Giant Slides, Mechanical Rides are something that the average youth doesn’t have access to unless it’s at a fair or festival. Using this type of safe yet challenging equipment is something that can attract youth from all around your area.

Are you planning a lock in? How about a Halloween Alternative Event? Or perhaps a New Year’s Eve Party? The object of all these type of events is not only to offer safe, Christian alternatives to outside events, but also to show that being part of a Christian Youth Group is anything but boring.

There are two ways to offer inflatables and interactives to your youth. Most organizations start out by renting their equipment. As you’re looking for a company to help you with your youth ministry, you’ll want to ask some specific questions!

Does the Company Specialize in these types of activities?

Do they have clean cut representatives that will help at your event if necessary?

Can they be flexible to your needs? (Pick up and Delivery at your needed times)

Do they offer a discount to Christian Youth organizations?

Are they fully insured?

Will they work with your budget?

These questions and others can help you find the right company for your organization. You’ll also want to find out what kind of equipment they have to offer. You’ll be looking for bright colorful equipment and a fairly large assortment of games. Since the average youth tends to want to try different things, it’s important to be able to offer different items for each event.

If your youth organization grows larger or if you have the opportunity to share equipment with other organizations, you might want to consider purchasing your own equipment. Many times this offers an opportunity to keep your costs down while actually helping other youth organizations with their ministry. Many Youth Ministers have found that owning their own inflatables not only gave them a great tool to work with their youth ministry, but also a means of working with other groups in the area.

Researching interactives for your ministry can be a fun and educational experience. Along with company websites, you can also find Blogs and even Squidoo sites that will help you with your plans.

If you try inflatables and other interactive games to boost your youth ministry, you’ll be thrilled with your results, and so will your youth!

About the Author

Cheryl Pierce, through her company PartyZone Entertainment has enjoyed working with youth ministries for over 15 years. For information on purchasing equipment, please visit her website: http://www.partyzone-sales.com. If you’re interested in renting equipment in Indiana, please visit the rentals site: http://www.partyzone-rentals.com. Or call 317-838-9406


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