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A Miracle in Monterrey

One by one, Paloma watches gang members walk out of the warm Monterrey sun, and into her tiny home, where she finds herself encircled by criminals. She catches her breath as she contemplates the situation in which she suddenly finds herself. Paloma has heard the gruesome stories. Now, as the last member steps into her living room, she softly clears her throat.

Tonight, she announces to the circle, we will be studying from the book of Matthew.

Not even two years ago, Paloma was terrified of the neighborhood in which she lived. As a middle-aged woman, she felt defenseless in a community …

Revealed: The Hidden Mystery Of Love, Romance, Weddings And You

Most of us have read enchanted fairy tales or watched animated movies like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. These stories and others seem to reveal something intrinsic about our own hearts. We are fascinated with beauty. We are exhilarated by romance. We are enamored with the lives of royalty. Any idea why?

There’s Something Magical About Love, Romance And Weddings

Sure there’s the promise of bliss and living “happily ever after”. Oh, it sounds wonderful! But, there’s also the sad reality that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This is a staggering statistic. But, what is more astonishing is that those …

Gospel Goes Full Circle in Puerto Rico

I am a church pastor in Puerto Rico. One day I was teaching an adult Sunday school class about the importance of evangelism. I explained how effective it is to use the Gospel of John. Just then a woman in the class, 65 years of age, requested a moment to share a testimony. She said that she herself had met the Lord when someone had given her a Gospel of John many years ago. This is her story: I was a very healthy woman at age 38, but suddenly in 1977 I felt ill. I was happily married and had …

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