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Be Who You Are Inside

It is enough for you to be who you are. That is all you need to do to enjoy a great life.

It is our inauthenticity to what is real that causes us grief.

Our conditioning is not our friend. It is our enemy. It keeps us locked in unhappy postures, playing roles that diminish our grandeur.

Who you are, naturally, without artifice and pretence is enough. It is beauty and power.

The human race is programmed for misery. Our problem-solving minds find problems. Solutions lie in creativity, but creativity comes from another place, where a fresh perspective is possible, where hope is rampant, …

Understanding the Law of Karma In Different Contexts

What goes around must come around. This is the basic understanding of the “Law of Karma” in the Western world in which it has already become an integral part of the prevailing culture and philosophy. In fact, you can trace similarities between karmic principles and those from modern cultures and religions. It can be related to the concept of doing good deeds in Christianity if interpreted as “if you do good things, then it will come back to you” or conversely, “if you do bad things, then bad things will happen to you.” The stark difference, however, comes with the …

The History of the Bible

The Bible is the collection of sacred writings of the Christian religion. It is comprised of the Old and New Testaments.
The Old Testament is recognized by Jews and as well as Christians. The New Testament consists of books recognized by the Christian Church from the 4th century. The Roman Catholic Bible also includes the Apocrypha.
The first English Translation of the Bible was by Miles Coverdale ( a priest) in 1535. The Authorised or King James Version followed in 1611.
The Authorised Bible was revised in 1959 by The British and Foreign Bible Society. This was named The Revised Standard version and …

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