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Revealed: The Hidden Mystery Of Love, Romance, Weddings And You

Most of us have read enchanted fairy tales or watched animated movies like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. These stories and others seem to reveal something intrinsic about our own hearts. We are fascinated with beauty. We are exhilarated by romance. We are enamored with the lives of royalty. Any idea why?

There’s Something Magical About Love, Romance And Weddings

Sure there’s the promise of bliss and living “happily ever after”. Oh, it sounds wonderful! But, there’s also the sad reality that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This is a staggering statistic. But, what is more astonishing is that those …

1948: Israel Fulfills Bible Prophecies

Prior to 1948, Israel last existed as an independent nation in 606 B.C. when the first captives of Israel were taken by Nebuchadnezzar. The destruction of Israel at the hands of the Babylonians was completed in 587 B.C. with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. For 70 biblical years (approximately 69 years on the Gregorian calendar), the Jewish people were held as captives in Babylon. In 537 B.C., the Persian King Cyrus conquered Babylon and issued a decree for the Jews to return to their land and rebuild the Temple. It was during the Babylonian captivity and this return …

Build Your Youth Ministry the Inflatable Way

As youth group directors know, it can be a tough job to teach, inspire, guide, mentor and reward the good behavior in today’s youth. Whether you’re a youth pastor or a youth organization director, it can be challenging to successfully attract and keep the targeted youth in your area or even reward existing members. To get and to keep their attention, you’ll need a high level of interest, interactive entertainment and the ability to associate something FUN with your church or organization.

Whether it’s a small youth event or a huge community festival-fundraiser, you want to offer fun activities that keep …