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Prayer is a common need of man. Archaeologists used to look for 2 things when they were digging to find ancient settlements. These two things were tools and places of worship. In recent times zoologists have realised that certain of the monkeys make and use primitive tools so now the archaeologists have to look for a place of worship to confirm if this is a human or animal settlement.

Prayer is common to all religion. It does not matter if it is the Buddhist with their prayer flags places at strategic places on their regular trails and their prayer wheels where …

There Is No World

One day a teacher of God showed up in front of me and said something that no-one had ever said before: “I have just come to tell you that you’re not from here, you never were and it’s time to go home”….

That was it…it was my call to awaken and I answered it. I was shown the door and I stepped through it. I remember when that happened I had a vision of a bird in a cage. It was perched at the open door tempted to look back and call to all the other birds in the cage …

Can God Change?

The Bible story states we are captured with the ideals of adam contained in the account. God states in the Bible we hate Him. God states the thing He speck we ignore, yet jump to the things said by adam. This struggle of will by us towards God comes to the fact of its reality. The fourth encounter of another kind. The Bible story account God, angel and adam in the life. God has a statement in the Bible story. Angel has a statement in the Bible story. And you know adam has a statement in the Bible statement. The …

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