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The Energy Enhancement Meditation Symbol

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Symbol contains the Twelve Petalled Lotus of the Heart Center Chakra with One of the Symbols of the Worlds Major Religions in Each One of the Petals.

Inside the symbol is the Hexagram – The Seal of Solomon, with the Seven Chakras describing the Three Initiations on the Path of Enlightenment -

* Initiation 1. The Opening of the Heart. Solar Plexus to Heart Chakra. * Initiation 2. The Mastery of Relationships, Abdomen to Throat Chakra. * Initiation 3. Enlightenment, Base to all the Head Chakras, to the Soul and on seven higher paths of Enlightenment …

What is Enlightenment? Meaning Definition and Its Relation to Self-Realization

What do we really mean when we talk of Enlightenment? Is it not the bloom of life for a true seeker of spirituality? The life itself comes to a full circle the moment one reaches the stage of Enlightenment. Seeking Enlightenment in the present age (the metallic age aka Kali Yuga in Hinduism is more of a curiosity than the faint hope of being able to achieve it within the present lifetime.

Truly speaking even spiritual stalwarts like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Aurobindo Ghosh and many others in the line failed to reach the stage of Enlightenment. The reason is …

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