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Waiting For Someone Else To Change

We live in a world of relationships in which we are always asking for things and giving things, more of one and less of the other depending on who the ‘other’ is in our life. With some it is very easy to be generous, tolerant, and forgiving – to create leeway in our hearts for them to make mistakes or to do things that we would rather not have them do. We find a space within ourselves in which we can accept them as they are. With others, their trespassing across a line of behavior, word, or thought – a …

One Message Runs Through All Faiths

It is only at the human level that we make divisions

A desktop or laptop can connect us instantly to vast knowledge sources. A computer can link us to the news, stock reports, airline bookings, shopping, medical breakthroughs, and information in almost every other sphere of knowledge.

The information connectedness that we experience with computers is a small sample of the potent connections we can make with our empowered soul. The empowered soul experiences universal connection with all beings. Becoming aware of this unifying force can help us realize our essential unity. Walls of division separate people.

If we are born in one …

The Sacred Practice Of Opening The Heart

There is, within each of us, a heart that is much larger than ordinary human affairs would normally reveal, a heart that can embrace the world because it overflows with love. This heart has not been touched by the pains and disturbances of childhood, nor the traumas or losses that may have come about since then. This heart does not need to be fed by public approval or by the temporary currents of popularity or fame. It does not need these things, because the source of its love does not come from outside but from inside. Without contact with that …

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