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There Is No World

One day a teacher of God showed up in front of me and said something that no-one had ever said before: “I have just come to tell you that you’re not from here, you never were and it’s time to go home”….

That was it…it was my call to awaken and I answered it. I was shown the door and I stepped through it. I remember when that happened I had a vision of a bird in a cage. It was perched at the open door tempted to look back and call to all the other birds in the cage …

Feeling Mortal

Funerals have a way of stopping you up short. I can think of few other events that have such an ability to make one pause and reflect on the important things in life. I’m not one of those who get morbid when someone dies, but I do find myself more contemplative, and more so as I get older. Of course the mere fact of getting older brings the inevitable end of life closer than it seemed when I was in the first third of life feeling very much immortal as most of us do.

During that first part of life, I …

Sometimes God Makes Me Nervous

I think he can see right through me.

Sometimes I wish I could hide from God. I don’t want Him to see how weak I am or the sins that I have committed.

I was sitting alone at my computer trying to come up with some brilliant material for an article on how to communicate with God when the thought occurred to me that God made me nervous. Far from searching for him, I think I have been spending most of my time running away from what I perceive to be His judgmental gaze. How weak can I be – how …

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