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Imprints on the Soul

When I was a resident Chaplain at the University of Kentucky, I would often baptize those who were dying. On one occasion, I was given the task of baptizing an aborted child that did not make it through labor. I was given a small fetus that was not much bigger than my thumb. I remember wondering what this infant’s mother looked like and who was the father. What were they going through? I wondered who was helping them through their grief. This fetus was given to me in a back room by the nurse to baptize before further procedures were …

God’s Supernatural Miracle of Healing Infertility

In 2002, while taking a break at work, I found myself in the middle of a discussion about abortion. There were about five women joining in the discussion.

A few of the ladies were pro-choice; the others (including myself) were pro-life. One of the women in particular (I won’t use her real name, but I’ll call her Nicole) was extremely pro-choice.

Nicole voiced her opinion about pro-choice with fervency in attempts to convince everyone- abortion is a woman’s right. She explained to everyone how women must have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies. I was about six …

From suicide to gratitude; a true story.

Copyright 2006 Sharon Lowell.

Through my life I went through a number of years where I experienced tremendous loss, rejection and abandonment. At that time, my entire identity and sense of security came from 3 places, my faith and active church ministry which were deeply rooted and precious, my family and my music teaching career.

In the space of just a few months, my church and marriage simultaneously broke down. The parallels were uncanny. There was a power struggle within the church that released shocking ugliness and cruelty. The divisiveness within the church manifested an equally destructive force within my marriage, ultimately …

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