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Types of Psychic Groups

It’s true that everyone possesses some kind of psychic ability, and the difference is how developed or under developed they are. Therefore, different people will experience different level of understanding.

From what I have learn in the past few months, whether from self study, or from psychics like Maria Duval, or some online websites, I gather there are 4 groups of psychic ability. You can read and check which group you may fall into.

Psychic feeling: it is associated with gut feelings, hunches, the area of the body around the solar plexus, some sort like a type of that sinking feeling swarming …

Moving on, Moving forward

Dear Loved Ones,

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Tools for life.

Moving on, Moving forward

Are you stuck? Are you blocked? Are you not living the life you fully desire?

You are a Creator so Wonderful, Magnificent, Bright, Desirable, Brave, Lovable, Wise, Exciting, Passionate, Strong, Beautiful, Able and Capable. You know you can do it all. You know you can have it all.

Let’s narrow it down.

You know you can have the job you desire. You know you can have the relationship you desire. You know you can create the clearing you desire. You know …

The Q&A to Happiness and Freedom – Who are you?

Who are you?

That’s an interesting question. Who are you? You might answer “Judy Smith, banker, mother of two.” But is that who you really are?

Here are a few interesting things to think about. But first, let’s start out with a task.

The body as a tool

Look around you. Is there something small, like a pen or something that you can pick up? I want to you to pick it up, and then put it down, and then return to this article.

Now, what tool did you use to pick it up? Is your answer your hand? (Bear with me if this sounds …

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