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Feng Shui and Symbology

Symbology is very special to my heart. In fact, one of the more precious gifts I received is from my husband. It is a piece of artwork depicting in white jade, the Chinese dragon and phoenix. This hangs proudly in my office and for me, represents what I try to achieve daily for myself and others – the balancing of yin and yang.

The Orient has always had a particular penchant for looking at objects and interpreting their hidden meaning. This is revealed by the prolific use of symbols and that these symbols are like a secondary language, rich in nuances …

The Power of Contentment

Dear Loved Ones,

Good day to you all. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Tools for life.

The Power of Contentment

To be who we truly are is to be content. Are you content with your breakfast, lunch, dinner? Are you content with your buddy? Are you content with your life? Are you content with you?

To be content is to be Satisfied. Is to be Gratified. Is to be Happy with what Is.

Can we say that anything else is a Resistance to what Is? Even though what is may not be our dream taking place in the now?

A Calmness takes place …

Waiting For Someone Else To Change

We live in a world of relationships in which we are always asking for things and giving things, more of one and less of the other depending on who the ‘other’ is in our life. With some it is very easy to be generous, tolerant, and forgiving – to create leeway in our hearts for them to make mistakes or to do things that we would rather not have them do. We find a space within ourselves in which we can accept them as they are. With others, their trespassing across a line of behavior, word, or thought – a …

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