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The Six Questions Of Bible Study

Most Christians think Bible study is so mysterious and requires so much education, they don’t attempt it. There really is no mystery to understanding most of Scripture. If we spend prayerful time studying what’s in the Bible and ask a few simple questions, we can get what we need out of any segment of God’s Word. You’ll certainly get much more than just reading or listening to someone else explain it. You can go into more depth if you want to learn how to use other tools, like a concordance or a lexicon, but you can …

A Clear Conscience

One way to have a clear conscience is to live a blameless life. My application Bible says that the theme of Psalm 15 is ‘guidelines for a blameless life.” It tells us to speak truth from the heart, to not slander, to do our neighbors no wrong, to cast no slur on our fellowmen, to despise vile men, to honor those who fear the Lord, to keep our promises, to lend money without usury and to not take bribes.

The Bible is full of advice about how to live life in such a way that gives us a clear conscience. Micah …

Believing in Abundance – The Key to Experiencing It

The Bible tells us that we have all received a measure of faith (Romans 12:3), and that everyone can move mountains (Mark 11:22-24). But in spite of these truths, we all have our struggles. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they don’t feel like they have the faith they need for their daily problems, let alone for moving mountains. And when it comes to experiencing abundance in our lives, no matter how much we may be praying, we struggle to just get by and end up living paycheck to paycheck.

The difficulty for us comes because we have a …

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