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The Sweet Smell of Good Deeds

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem“And he came closer, and he kissed him, and he smelled the fragrance of his garments, and he blessed him, and he said, ‘Behold, the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field, which the Lord has blessed!’ ” (Bereishit – Chapter 27:27)

Rashi explains that there is no odor more offensive than that of washed goat skins? But this teaches us that the fragrance of the Garden of Eden entered with him which is like a field of apples as our Sages explained it in Ta’anith 29b.

Eliyahu the Prophet, it is told, passed by the carcass of a dog, which gave forth a dreadful odor. His disciple placed his hand over his nose and said to him, “How dreadfully does this carcass smell!” He said to them, “How white are its teeth!” After they passed by a sinful person and Eliyahu the Prophet placed his hand over his nose because of the dreadful odor that emanated from the sinner.

Rav Yerucham Levovitz, the great pre-WWII Mirrer mashgiach says that from here we can see that spiritual world is an actual reality. All of our actions in fact give off a smell that can be smelled by someone who is spiritually sensitive. In the next world, there are all types of wonderful fragrances and perfumes such as the fragrance of kindness, charity, faith and truth etc. The fragrance of the Garden of Eden entered in with the righteous Jacob.

It is the nature of man to want to bring pleasant smelling things into his home in order to enhance his surroundings. Therefore, if you really want your home to have a fragrant smell try bringing in some kindness, truth and good deeds. On the other hand, if you do not have these things in your house the aroma may not be so enjoyable.

About the Author
Rabbi Eliyahu Mitterhoff is the director of the Global Yeshiva. The Global Yeshiva is devoted to creating a warm and friendly yet serious place for people of all levels to share and discuss Torah and Orthodox Judaism. He envisions this as a great and unprecedented historic opportunity to share, learn, teach and spread Torah on a global level.


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