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Types of Psychic Groups

It’s true that everyone possesses some kind of psychic ability, and the difference is how developed or under developed they are. Therefore, different people will experience different level of understanding.

From what I have learn in the past few months, whether from self study, or from psychics like Maria Duval, or some online websites, I gather there are 4 groups of psychic ability. You can read and check which group you may fall into.

Psychic feeling: it is associated with gut feelings, hunches, the area of the body around the solar plexus, some sort like a type of that sinking feeling swarming right over you. For example, let say your loved one calls you up to inform you of a last minute trip to settle some business issue, you suddenly felt that feeling and you ask your loved one not to attend. In the end, something bad really happens to your loved one as what Maria Duval has said before.

Psychic intuition is a sure knowledge that arrives out of nowhere. It is fleeting but certain. This is the phenomenon when you “just know” although there is no supporting evidence or logic supporting that knowledge. Take an example, John was on the way to his parent’s house and half way through, a strange feeling tells him not to travel in that direction today, therefore he changes his route, and right he is, because there’s a huge avalanche that happens suddenly on the regular route that could have engulfed him.

Psychic hearing. It is as if they are hearing inside their head just above their ears. This is also known as clairaudience. Example, you are sleeping soundly and somehow from nowhere, a voice calls your name loudly and you wake up but there’s no one around. But luckily this makes you rush to the kitchen to put off the small fire because you did not close the oven when you went to sleep!

Clairvoyance, or psychic vision. When you receive psychic visions it is as if you are seeing them through your third eye, that mythical eye situated between and slightly above your eyes. Maria Duval is famous for clairvoyance! Now, there are some people who have that sensitive third eye that can ‘see’ what’s ahead and they can foretell what’s there for them and there are always right somehow!

About the Author
Mere T. is a keen spiritualist. Her spirituality blog is found at http://tributetomariaduval.blogspot.com/


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